Serving the Community Since 1857

San Joaquin General Hospital, originally established in 1857, is a general acute care facility providing a full range of inpatient services including General Medical/Surgical Care, High-Risk Obstetrics, Neonatal Intensive Care, Pediatrics, and Intensive Care. In addition to the 196-bed hospital, the medical campus includes multiple facilities dedicated to comprehensive outpatient services including Primary Care and Specialty Clinics. The Hospital's Ambulatory Care sites, including offices located at French Camp and Stockton provide over 134,000 outpatient clinic visits a year.

In addition to providing direct medical services, the hospital is active in providing education for health professionals through post-graduate residency programs in General Surgery, Internal Medicine and Family Practice and has trained over 3,000 physicians since the residency programs were established in 1932. The hospital also participates in clinical affiliation agreements for training programs in a variety of health professions including Registered and Licensed Vocational nurses, Pharmacists, Radiology Technologies, Social Workers and Respiratory Therapists.  Due to our network affiliation with the University of California, Davis Medical Center, our family medicine residents have a broad range of opportunities at their fingertips.

According to California's Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development, an overwhelming majority of San Joaquin County is designated as "medically underserved." Our commitment to our underserved community involve expanding our hospital over the next few years.  Our main hospital is expanding to accommodate a new wing to the hospital with construction to begin soon.  We have also recently began utilization of our own MRI machine which has decreased wait times for our patients compared to sending patients out for MRIs.  Furthermore, we are making strides to implement an electronic health records system in our in-patient wards as Cerner will be implemented in the coming years.  We currently utilize eClinicalWorks in our out-patient offices.  For hand-off and for resident coordination of care, we utilize medisas as our electronic hand-off platform.  This platform affords our residents with the ability to view the current in-patient census anywhere they have internet access, and frees them from any paper. 

Our Community

Statistics at a Glance

  • Beds: 196
  • Outpatient Clinic Facilities: 6
  • Annual Inpatient Discharges: 9,211
  • Annual Outpatient Visits: 148,086
  • San Joaquin County Population: 715,000 (Municipalities: 28, including Stockton, Tracy, and Lodi)

Virtual Tour

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FQHC Family Medicine Clinic

The Cesar Chavez Family Medicine Clinic, constructed on its current site in 1996, is adjacent to the hospital.  Our clinic offers 16 rooms (which includes our behavioral health training clinic); faculty and administrative offices; a resident conference room (where morning reports and noon conferences are generally held), and one large procedure room.  Each resident's clinic is designed to model an independent outpatient practice with its own set of office staff, nurses, and patient panel.  Our clinic is modeled after the FQHC model.  The clinic includes office cubbies for each resident, computers in the exam rooms and at least two exam rooms per resident physician. The clinic has a full complement of support staff including MAs and RNs. All residents have their own desk and designated computer during their clinic. Patient mix includes mostly Medicaid patients, with some Medicare patients. All aspects of patient care are covered in our Cesar Chavez Family Medicine Clinic for a well-rounded experience.

Procedures include but are not limited to circumcisions, cyrotherapy, removal of simple cysts, mole removal, various skin biopsies, and paracentesis.  We also have a gynecology clinic where, under supervision, we are able to place IUDs, implanenon, as well as practice women's health under the guidance of a fellowship trained family medicine physician in obstetrics. We also have a bedside ultrasound for the residents to use for procedures in the clinic.  

The FQHC Family Medicine Clinic serves as the main site for our Family Medicine residents. This community-centered clinic is located at our hospital. We provide immediate, onsite access to everything from x-ray, retinal screening, and laboratory services to a dedicated support staff of psychologists, nutritionists, and other professionals. This high-tech facility enables us to deliver outstanding preventive and primary care, and perform many minor outpatient surgical procedures, all within the San Joaquin County we serve.

We have both community doctors who help precept our residents as well as core faculty at our facility.  Our preceptor room serves as our hub dedicated to resident education.

Each room features a computer for EHR charting with eClinicalWorks, as well as the equipment to treat an infant, an pregnant women, to a gynecological exam.  There is nearby gated parking for our house staff.

Our family medicine clinic is located right next to our obstetrics/gynecology clinic and orthopedics clinic, allowing us the ability to easily "curbside" consult these specialties as well as to provide warm hand-offs to those specialties.  In addition, the casting room is in the same building, with provides our patients with bony deformities, the ability to get care all under the same building. 


Designated Level 3 Trauma Center

In 2013, our hospital became the only designated trauma center in the region.  In a county of 700,000+ people, San Joaquin General Hospital’s Trauma Team cares for about 1200 patients a year as a Level III Trauma Center. Our hospital provides comprehensive treatment for trauma patients who are injured due to penetrating injuries (i.e. gunshot or knife wounds) or blunt injuries (most often associated with motor vehicle crashes, or falls). As a Level III Trauma Center, our specially-trained team of experts is ready to provide optimal care for the injured patient 24-hours a day.

Our trauma team consists of dedicated Emergency Physicians, Trauma Surgeons, and specially trained trauma nurses, intensive care nurses, emergency department nurses, and respiratory and radiology technicians. Surgical specialists in trauma, vascular, thoracic, anesthesia and orthopedic surgery are on-call at all times.  As the family medicine team, we often help co-manage pediatric and obstetrical patients who have been involved in a trauma. 


Outpaitent Pediatric Clinic

In addition to taking care of pediatric patients in our FQHC family medicine clinic, our residents also rotate through the pediatric clinic located near downtown Stockton.  At the "California Street Clinic," our residents work with board-certified attending pediatricians in their busy outpatient practice about 15 minutes from our main hospital site.  This clinic provides care for a largely Hispanic community.   In addition to learning about pediatric care from our own family medicine attendings, this valuable experience allows us to also learn from pediatricians who are dedicated to teaching family medicine residents.  This outpatient pediatric clinic experience is a full month in the PGY-III year and two weeks in the PGY-II year and is only one of two rotations (the other is obstetrics) which is off our main campus at SJGH.