Our procedure clinic is staffed by our faculty and you will have one on one teaching. Patients get referred from residency clinic as well as primary care offices part of our system and outside community. We perform a wide variety of procedures typically performed in the outpatient setting. Some of the procedures listed here are not performed in the procedure clinic but elsewhere on the wards.

In addition to this list we have a paracenthesis clinic on Mondays for our stable Liver Cirrhosis patient. Other paracenthesis, thoracenthesis, central line placement and arterial line placements are performed while on the inpatient service or rotating in the ICU.

The latest procedure added will be No Scalpel No Needle Vasectomy. Resident will get an opportunity to observe and perform this procedure as we receive more referrals.

Cerumen Removal
Chest x-ray interpretation
EKG interpretation
Endometrial Biopsy
Establishing and maintaining appropriate sterile technique
Incision and drainage of abscess
Immobilization and stabilization of severe sprains
Immobilization and stabilization of non-displaced fractures
Injection and aspiration of joints
Injection and aspiration of bursa
IUD placement
Lumbar puncture
Pap smear
Simple laceration repair with sutures
Skin biopsies, including punch, excisional, and incisional
Splint application short arm
Suture removal
Post partum continuity
Vaginal Delivery continuity
Wart, fingernail, toenail, and foreign body removal
Wet Mount